Stoneware is a rather broad term fro pottery or other ceramics fired at a relatively high temperature. A modern technical definition is a vitreous or semi-vitreous ceramic made primarily from stoneware clay or non-refectory fire clay. Whether vitrified or not, it is nonporous, it may not be glazed.

Historically, across the world, it has been developed after earthenware and before porcelain, and has often been used for high- quality as well as utilitarian wares. Stoneware adds a statement touch to any kind of event and while it makes for a perfect wedding registry gift it’s also a vary beautiful accent for any rustic or modern fete.

The Mix #1

Dare to mix Stoneware with woodwork and you have a perfectly set earthy combination for an alfresco or an indoor countryside style reception.

The Mix #2


The Mix #3